Q. Do you deliver and set up the units?

A. Yes. We will deliver and set up your bouncer and will come back to take it down after the party is over. Set up normally takes about 20-30 minutes, and take down is about 20. Laser Tag about 40 min. Hard surface setup's, add 15 minutes and $25.00. We will go over the safety guidelines with you at set up. If you are renting our water slides, please keep in mind when planning your party time, that we MUST start breaking down the water slide before dark. The renter or responsible adult must be present at the time of the delivery for signing of paperwork and payment. To make things run smoothly, please have your water hose hooked up and stretched to the area you will be having water units or Pitchburst. Have your sprinklers TURNED OFF (this will damage our inflatables if you forget and it is very costly for renters to have inflatables shipped out to be repaired) make sure there is a clear path to your backyard, trees are trimmed, animal waste is removed, the yard is clear of toys, sticks or obstructions, etc...bushes are pulled back if needed, and have the power outlet we will be using already checked out to make sure it works. If there is mud going through to the back, please put down boards, so we can roll back there smoothly. Moonwalks weigh hundreds of lbs, and a dolly sinking into the mud doesn't work.


Q. Is there a delivery charge?

A. We offer FREE delivery to MOST areas of the following towns in Ft. Bend County, TX: Sugar Land, Missouri City, Fresno, Rosenberg, Richmond, Stafford, and Meadows Place. However, there will be a $50.00 delivery fee to the following SPECIFIC neighborhoods, which fall outside the circle of our free delivery area: Lakes Of Bella Terra, Lost Creek, Parkway Lakes, West Oaks Village, Kingdom Heights, Cottonwood School area, past HWY 36 or J. Meyers/Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds area, Seabourne Meadows, Walnut Creek, Sunrise Meadows, Woods Edge, Grand River and The Swingin' Door/McCrary area. The neighborhoods Lakes Of Savannah, Royal Lakes, Southern Colony, (and surrounding) delivery is $25.00.

Hard surface set-up $25.00

Q. What is your cancellation policy? (not due to weather)

A. You MUST cancel at least 3 days prior to your booking, BY PHONE (832-216-8423) and obtain a cancellation number specific to your reservation. WE DO NOT ACCEPT TEXTS, THEY DO NOT GET TRANSFERRED. In the event the renter fails to adhere to this policy, they will be charged the full rental fee, due to the fact that we have lost that rental for the day, We still incur staffing expenses, loading and loss of rental. If we have arrived to deliver your unit and you are not there, or you do not have all the details cleared with your park, dealership, liability insurance, etc...your card will be charged, as you are responsible for the full amount. You MUST have all details cleared for you event prior to delivery. If you do not have permission from the park or public place to have the moonwalk and we set up, then you are asked to deflate it by the park or property manager, we DO NOT issue refunds. In order to avoid small claims/justice court, cancellations are NOT accepted for orders placed within 3 days of your event. We will not accept cancellations by email or text, you must call. Failure to cancel within 3 days of your rental time will result in your credit card being charged for the full amount. Non-negotiable, non refundable. Once you call and make your reservation, you ARE confirmed. The rental item and time slots are yours and will not be changed unless you call and SPEAK to us to change something. Communication is key. Keep our number handy in case you need to reach us, or if there are any changes or if you need to cancel. They MUST be cancelled 3 days prior to your delivery, and you MUST obtain a cancellation number, no exceptions. Any event that has been pre-paid 60 days prior, then cancelled within a week of the reservation, can not be refunded. That amount can be used towards a future reservation.

Q. What if it is rainy or windy?

A. We are unable to offer refunds due to weather. It is the nature of the business, but we do give you the option to decline prior to delivery, if the weather appears to be horrible according to the MOVING RADAR. We do everything we can to try to save your party, but there are times that high winds or heavy rain will become an issue. We will be in close contact with you regarding weather. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation (at no penalty to you and prior to delivery) if there will be long heavy rains or high winds. Safe operation of our units and customer safety is our utmost concern. If weather is questionable, we will call you prior to your delivery and give you the option to accept or decline the unit. If you decide to accept the unit, no refunds will be issued. The weather in this area, as you know, is moody. It may be raining in the morning, but clear and sunny the rest of the day. Whatever you do, we don't recommend cancelling your moonwalk until we know of this information for sure, as we have long wait lists. If you cancel, then find out that it did not rain and want to "un-cancel," the moonwalk will have already gone to the next on the wait list. We watch the moving radar very closely and can zoom in over your neighborhood to see what the weather will do during your party. We also keep in close contact with you prior to delivery if we feel that the weather may be questionable for most of your party. (actually, the kids feel that rain is a "bonus" and most of the time, don't mind, however, please keep a towel inside to wipe feet on.) Waterslides and rain....they're wet anyway. As you know, it may say 40% chance of rain 2 days before your party, but that never scares us. That number will change 100 times in 2 days, so be sure to wait to make a cancellation move until 4-6 hours prior to you party, so we can check the moving radar, as it is the most accurate. SHORT HEAVY RAINS lasting 30-40 minutes or so, you will find that the unit will be completely dry not too long after since it's been inflated in the sun. The air blowing through the seams will naturally dry the unit as well. It is important to thoroughly dry the bounce area after rain with towels. This does not take long, vinyl dries very quickly. Also, after a rain, you may deflate the unit to let water drain off, but RE-INFLATE IMMEDIATELY, don't let it stay down too long. Once re-inflated, go inside with a broom and "push" up on the top. This will also help with draining water off the roof.
DO NOT DEFLATE THE UNIT if it is light rain. The air blowing within the unit actually dries the water through the seams. A wet bounce area will be slippery, we recommend putting a towel inside to help with keeping feet dry shortly afterwards.
We WILL NOT set up in wind higher than 25mph or Laser Tag higher than 15mph. If it becomes heavy torrential rain, unplug the unit and cover with a tarp (including the blower) and immediately re-inflate when the heavy rain stops to get the drying process started. If you do not have a tarp, deflate the unit (keeping the blower attached to the blower tube) and put the blower underneath the moonwalk. When the rain passes, take the blower out from underneath, extend it out fully and plug it back in. The unit may need "help" upon re-inflating. Simply tug on the vinyl areas to help drain as it inflate, as the water may have become heavy on the top. The sun and air blowing through the seams will dry the bounce area quickly and prevent internal water damage from forming.


Q. Do we deliver to parks/parking lots/public areas? Do I need a generator? Insurance questions. 

A. MOST PARKS require our insurance to be emailed to them by our insurance company and that you rent one of our generators. This is your responsibility to find out from the park prior to booking with us. It is important that, when you are making arrangements with a park or public area for your event, it is your responsibility to let them know you will be having a moonwalk. If you have a moonwalk delivered to a park/public area, and find out later that it has to be taken down because the required insurance information wasn't given to the park, there will be no refunds for the moonwalk rental. You are responsible for the full rental amount. You need permission from a park to have a moonwalk on their property or to use their power. Parks do not allow the use of water for water slides. 

GENERATOR INFO: We have generators for rent for $75.00 for parks that do not have power. IF YOU DECIDE TO USE YOUR OWN GENERATOR, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! You assume all responsibility for the safety, reliability and gas. If you do not trust your generator, or even think that it may be questionable, do NOT use it. If you think that there is gas in there that is over 3 weeks old, have it serviced, have the lines drained/unclogged and have an oil change prior to use with a moonwalk. This is costly, and will add up to be the same cost as if you would have just rented ours, which are serviced regularly. Must be, at least, 5500 and are powerful enough to handle 2HP blowers. By renting ours, you won't have to lift a finger or have to transport your own. (as you know, they are extremely heavy and even more heavy when filled with a full tank of gas) WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS OF ANY KIND, IF YOUR GENERATOR IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY, NOT RUNNING ON FULL SPEED, NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH, YOU CAN'T LIFT IT OR GET IT OUT OF YOUR TRUCK WITHOUT TIPPING IT AND GETTING FUEL INTO THE LINES, OR ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE. We have reserved your booking/delivery time and will not be able to secure a generator rental for you in this case due to our delivery route having already been planned for the day. If your generator does not work properly, or something happens, we will not offer a refund, even if you are unable to use the moonwalk, due to loss of that rental for the day. We recommend renting our generator to prevent this. Make sure it has a long run time, has been inspected, oil changed, full tank of gas, lines cleared, stable and started prior to set up. You assume all responsibility for safety by use of your own generator. 90% of the time, this option has failed in some way, we do not recommend using your own.


Q. How much room do you need for a bouncer?

A. Every moonwalk company is different in what sizes they offer, every moonwalk's sze is different. See the moonwalk descriptions on our RENTAL PRICING PAGE for individual unit measurements. MEASURE YOUR YARD to make sure it will fit prior to making the reservation. If we show up and it does not fit, you are still responsible for the full amount of the rental, even if we are unable to set up, due to the loss of the rental for the day. Read the descriptions fully for all details regarding space needed.
When measuring, LOOK UP. Make sure to take into account your roof gutters when measuring the space. Are there overhanging trees within the space needed? If so, we can not set up unless these are cut. These must be cut prior to delivery, as this will cut into setup time and will make us late for the next delivery. Example: If the unit requires a space of 18x18 ft. with a 16ft high clearance, MAKE SURE that within that 18x18ft square, there are no tree branches within that square for at least 16 ft in height.  
Please make sure that there are no sticks or rocks within that square. This will damage, scrape or puncture the moonwalk as people are inside bouncing. Most bushes can be tied back with rope for the day. 


Q. What surfaces can the bouncers be set up on?

A. The best surface is a level grassy area, free of: rocks, ANIMAL WASTE, sticks, FIRE ANT PILES, trash, sand, partially removed stumps, slants and tree roots. However, we can set up on concrete, asphalt, parking lots, large indoor areas such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, rental halls, etc...Please specify which surface the bouncer will be set up on, so we can provide appropriate anchors.
Sprinkler systems must be turned off and water lines marked out. We will NOT set up on sand. As the kids climb in and out, sand gets into the bouncer and becomes abrasive to knees, elbows, etc...and will result unhappy jumpers. If you have a dog that "goes" in the yard, PLEASE make sure all "evidence" is gone completely, or we will not be able to set up and you will be responsible for the full rental amount, due to the fact that we have lost the rental for the day. Make sure there is a CLEAR PATH to the backyard and have all sticks, toys, obstacles, animal waste, etc...removed PRIOR to delivery. Put boards down if it is muddy, so we can get back there with a dolly.  
$25.00 fee added for a hard surface set-up. If you will be having your moonwalk set up on a hard surface, please have something put down at the entrance/exit for safety. We also have self-inflating mats to rent for $15.00 each.

Q. How many people can safely bounce in a 15x15 unit at the same time?

A. It really goes by the person's size, here is a manufacturer guideline for typical 15x15 units. Children under 8 (7 to 8 jumpers). Children 9 through 12 (4 to 5 jumpers). Teens 13 and up (2 to 3 jumpers). adults (1 to 2 jumpers). Of course, use your common sense and do not put a 2 year old in with a 10 year old, they will forget all about them. Teens and adults jump harder, which can send small jumpers flying around. Please be aware and have adult supervision at all times.

Q. How far in advance should I make my reservation?

A. To ensure the best selection, we recommend you reserve your equipment as soon as you begin planning your event. We reserve weeks and months in advance and book up quickly. If you are planning a party in a park/public area, please make sure to secure your reservation with the park, have the required insurance information needed for us ready (see park/public places/insurance question's above) and make sure there is a proper power source within 75 feet. We do rent a generator for $75.00, if needed. If you are wanting Laser Tag to be used a for the week of Halloween as a haunted house, reserve early! It typically gets booked up several months in advance. If you are wanting a moonwalk for Easter weekend, the end of the school year, or Thanksgiving week, make sure to book several weeks/months in advance.


Q. How do I reserve a rental date?

A. Please call us at 832-216-8423 to reserve your date once you have measured your space and have decided what time block you will need. Standard rental times are 4 hours. Additional charges for longer than 4 hours. At the time of booking, we will give you a total amount for all equipment to be rented. We accept cash, money orders, credit cards and PayPal. There is a 4.5%fee for use of credit cards or PayPal.

Q. Are moonwalks safe?

A. Absolutely! We take pride in our safety procedures and use all proper anchoring with each and every unit, EVERY TIME. If all the rules and instructions outlined in the rental contract are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times, they are very safe. WE ARE INSPECTED AND INSURED! Please make sure a responsible adult is there to supervise at all times. No flips or horseplay allowed. DO NOT rent from a moonwalk company that does not stake their units into the ground or use proper anchoring systems for hard surfaces! These companies are typically fly-by-night, end up on the news because they did not stake down their units and have unsanitized units. You get what you pay for! They are not concerned about your safety and are most likely not insured, inspected or registered with the Texas Department Of Insurance.


Q. What if I rent a dry slide and decide that I want to use it wet?

A. Nope. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNSAFE and against MOONWALKS & ENTERTAINABLES, LLC's policy to use our dry slide wet! You will need to book the WET SLIDE for this. There are additional parts required and a landing for the wet slide that is needed and MUST be used. It is a completely different setup. Someone can get hurt and go flying off, if the dry slide is used wet. In addition to safety concerns, water will seep into the seams of the dry slide and mildew will form. You will be charged an additional fee for cleaning.

Q. What do I need to provide for a water slide?

A. You will need to supply a water source and long water hose that will reach the unit. MAKE SURE the end of your water hose is not crushed. Please measure your yard to make sure it will fit to the length of your water hose. See descriptions for space needed for each unit on our pricing & pictures page. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PUT ANYTHING ON OUR SLIDES OTHER THAN WATER. THIS DAMAGES THE UNIT AND IT VERY COSTLY TO HAVE SHIPPED OUT, REPAIRED AND CLEANED. If we arrive and find any kind of soap, oil, mud, etc...has been used, it is YOUR responsibility as a renter to pay for all shipping costs to repair and have the unit cleaned. Soap, oil, etc...gets into the seams, seeps into the inflated part, blocks the airflow and is impossible to get out unless the unit is shipped back to the manufacturer to have re-seamed and they will need to crawl inside the inflated part to remove, repair and clean the unit. 


Q. What are the rental times?

A. We work around your party time and how many time slots we have left in our delivery route. Let us know what time you will be having your party as soon as possible, so we can accommodate. To get the time slots/inflatable you want, please book far in advance. Pick-up times depend on how many deliveries we have and the time it takes to get from A to B. We MUST start breaking down the water units before dark. We need to completely dry off the unit before rolling it up.

Q. When is payment due?

A. Payment is due at the time of delivery. We no longer accept personal checks. We accept cash, money orders, credit cards and PayPal. If you want to use PayPal, this must be cleared TWO DAYS prior to your delivery. We ONLY accept checks from businesses, schools or churches. Please have your card ready when making your reservation. It will NOT be charged, it's just used to hold the reservation. It will be charged, however, if we did not receive a cancellation within 3 days of your rental, or if we show up at your scheduled delivery time and you are not there, or if it doesn't fit. No refunds, no exceptions. You will need to provide the cancellation number that you were given.


Q. May I tip the delivery people/drivers?

A. We LOVE tips! If you feel that they did a great job and arrived on time, tipping is very much appreciated!


Q. What is my responsibility as a renter of a bouncer?

A. You must assign a responsible adult to supervise the children while the bouncer is in use at all times. This includes inspecting pockets for small items to be removed, making sure there are NO shoes or jewelry worn or anything on clothing that can scrape the unit or slide. Sparkles and buttons on jeans, will SCRAPE the moonwalk when sliding out of the exit. This is for everyone's safety...DO NOT ALLOW JEWELRY to be worn inside the moonwalks! Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc...WILL get caught on the netting, earrings will get ripped out and it hurts, any jewelry will break and tear a hole in the netting. Broken jewelry punctures vinyl and feet! Sorry, no princess crowns. This is very costly for the renter to have to have repaired and painful for the jumper. The unit must be within 75 feet of a dedicated circuit/outlet. Overloading a circuit can result in a power outage while the unit is in use. Please test the outlet you will be using to make sure it works first and make sure there are no overloads.  

NO gum, candy, food, drinks, wrappers, balloons, toys or scarves. WE will NOT rent to an event/party that has SILLY STRING or CONFETTI EGGS! The eggs crack and the eggshells CUT FEET, the dye permanently stains the vinyl and Silly String adheres like Super Glue to the unit and can not be removed. You are responsible for replacement of the entire unit, this kind of damage can not be repaired! NO SILLY STRING ANYWHERE NEAR THE UNIT or on clothing, hair, etc...

NO water toys, goodie bags, NO CONFETTI OR CONFETTI EGGS, or sharp objects that could come in contact with the unit. NO PINATAS NEAR THE UNIT! The dye stains the vinyl. Do not let the children play in sand, then go into the unit. You will have scraped knees and many unhappy jumpers. Sand gets into the seams that naturally blow out air and clogs the seams and this prevents air flow. This applies to anything sticky as well. Soda, juice boxes, gum, candy, glitter, etc...all have a substance that clogs air flow. 

Make sure NOTHING IS IN THE CHILDREN'S MOUTHS OR POCKETS. THE UNIT NEEDS TO BE EXACTLY THE WAY WE LEFT IT. CLEAN, NOTHING INSIDE, AND PLEASE DO NOT DEFLATE IT OR UNPLUG IT BEFORE WE ARRIVE TO PICK IT UP. Do not let children to bring toys, balls or goodie bags inside! When we come to pick up the unit, we need to get inside to inspect, sanitize and sweep for grass. There should be nothing else but grass inside. Gum, candy, shoe scuffs, anything like that, ADHERES to the vinyl and is close to impossible to get out and will damage the vinyl due to scrubbing. It is very costly to be shipped for repair, have cleaned, patched, scuff marks from shoes removed, etc... and it is your responsibility for all costs due to damage. 

NO PETS ALLOWED INSIDE OR NEAR THE UNIT. Keep your pets indoors away from the moonwalk and our other equipment! Pets damage the unit, no matter how small they are, they have sharp claws that leave scrape marks which weaken the vinyl. Pets leave "evidence" when sniffing around new things and this "evidence" TOTALS moonwalks and the smell does NOT come out of vinyl. 

Make sure BAND-AID'S are secure and are completely unable to fall off into the moonwalk. Please, before pick-up, inspect the moonwalk and ball pit for small objects. Children can find small things that can go undetected and put them into their mouths. If candy, gum, food, wrappers, band-aids, anything from a child's pocket falls out into the moonwalk or ball pit during your rental, it can be found by a small child, so please make sure all pockets are empty.

Renters are responsible for any damage to the unit caused by Silly String, gum, sharp objects, or any excessive cleaning that must be done from your rental period. IF ANYTHING IS DAMAGED ON ANY OF OUR UNITS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF ANY REPAIRS, SHIPPING TO BE REPAIRED, LOST RENTALS AND LABOR.

DO NOT ALLOW THE CHILDREN TO HANG OR CLIMB ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE UNITS! You are responsible for repair costs due to ripping of the netting, breaking of hoses in our slides, markings of any kind, and any repair due to a sharp object coming in contact with the unit. DO NOT allow the children to go near the blower, cords, hoses or any items we use to secure/anchor the moonwalk. At the time of delivery, we will go over the safety procedures, rental agreement and guidelines with the responsible adult. Failure to sign the waiver will result in "no rental" and you are still responsible for full payment as we have lost that rental for the day.

PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR SPRINKLER SYSTEM! Please mark out where sprinkler lines are prior to set-up. We are not responsible for damage to sprinkler lines if they are not properly marked out. We use 4 to 12, 18-36 inch stakes for each unit. Please make sure that no water comes in contact with the dry slide. If we arrive and find ANY KIND OF SOAP, MUD, OIL, etc...has been used on any of our units, it is YOUR responsibility as a renter to pay for all shipping costs to repair and have the unit cleaned and seams unclogged. Soap, oil, etc...gets into the seams, seeps into the inflated part, blocks the airflow and is impossible to get out unless the unit is shipped back to the manufacturer to have re-seamed and they will need to crawl inside the inflated part to remove, repair and clean the unit.

Please treat our units with extreme care. Please do not unplug or deflate the unit after we have set it up. Upon re-inflating, the anchors could come loose and the unit may not be secure. PLEASE periodically check the blower to make sure it is stretched outright, sitting up and not tipped on its side, look to see that there is nothing stuck to the "intake" screen (leaves, debris, excessive grass, plastic, etc...) this can block air flow and cause the motor to burn out.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to move our units! There is a specific angle stakes need to be staked and ropes have a specific kind of knot. There are several other factors that need to be taken in prior to set-up and if you attempt to move our unit and it is not properly anchored, this can be extremely dangerous, voids all insurance and is against our safety guidelines!


Q. What is my responsibility as a renter of an AIR DANCER?

A. 1. Be sure to check with your city or property management to make sure you have permission. This is your responsibility to obtain a permit if needed. If we drop off and set up the unit and you are asked to take it down, we do not offer refunds as we have lost that rental for the day.   
2. AIR DANCER must be placed on a flat surface and have a clearance of 20 feet all the way around with no power lines, vehicles, antennas, roof gutters, awnings, trees or obstructions that they can "dance" into. YES, 20ft. all around.
3. AIR DANCER must be brought inside during non-business hours. Our lightweight blowers have wheels and are easy to pull in.
4. Be sure to check on the AIR DANCER periodically and do not allow people to go up and touch them. (They tend to draw a crowd.)


BOOKINGS: 832-216-8423